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Serving The Cleveland Community Since 1993

For over 20 years, Archbishop Lyke School has been providing children throughout the Cleveland area with an exceptional and comprehensive education infused with Christian core values.

A Brief History

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Archbishop James P. Lyke School is a Catholic elementary school located at in Cleveland, Ohio under the jurisdiction of the Diocese of Cleveland. It opened its doors for the first time for the 1993-94 school year, but its legacy and history began many years before. The following is a brief history of what led to the creation of one school under the direction of the Catholic Diocese of Cleveland.


It began with two parish schools in the early 1990’s when St. Henry and St. Timothy joined other Catholic schools and parishes of Cleveland who were dedicated to finding new ways to fund their educational programs. A commitment was made to make quality Catholic education available for the residents of the southeast area even though new structures would be needed.


In 1993, St. Timothy and St. Henry Schools proposed a model to meet their needs and the needs of the community they were serving. The two schools would consolidate at the St. Henry site and administrative responsibilities would be shared by the principals from the two schools. The pastors of both parishes shared responsibility for the

religious education and liturgical life of the school. This consolidation was to be considered a new creation, and was, therefore, to be renamed.


The new school was dedicated in memory of and named for Archbishop James Patterson Lyke, O.F.M., first African-American Bishop in Cleveland (1979 to 1990).


By the 1996-97 school year, it was apparent that another reorganization of several Catholic schools on the southeast side was necessary. It was at this time that two additional schools, St. Catherine and Mt. Pleasant Catholic, entered into dialog with Archbishop Lyke School.


As a result, Archbishop Lyke School was expanded to include three buildings, opening its doors in September 1997, with grades K and one at St. Catherine; grades 2, 3, 4 at St. Henry; and the Middle School of grades 5,6,7,8 at St. Timothy. The school was now directly under the Diocesan.


The 2004-05 school year saw another change, as Archbishop Lyke School was consolidated with grades K to 4 at St. Henry and grades 5 to 8 at St. Timothy.


Then on July 1, 2009, Our Lady of Peace School was welcomed to the Archbishop Lyke School family, and we were once again a 3-campus school. However, in the 2011-2012 school year, we again consolidated into 2 buildings with grades K to 4 at the Elementary Campus (St. Henry) and grades 5 to 8 at the Middle School Campus (St. Timothy).


Although many changes have occurred over the years, the tradition and mission of the former parish schools has remained the same:



Archbishop Lyke -- Epiphany -- Holy Family -- Mt. Pleasant Catholic -- Our Lady of Peace -- St. Catherine -- St. Cecilia -- St. Henry -- St. Mary of Czestochowa -- St. Timothy

Our Students

  • Students come from 20 zip codes in Northeast Ohio. 93 percent of our students reside in the city of Cleveland.  

Our Results

  • Parents choose Archbishop Lyke School for its Catholic/Christian values and quality learning environment

  • Overall student attendance rate is 98%

  • 87% of our eighth grade students go on to Catholic high schools

 Archbishop James P. Lyke

which taught him "that every person, no matter how poor, is created in God's image and is worthy of my respect. I have a responsibility to help my brothers and sisters." Archbishop Lyke students are challenged to honor his heritage by claiming his motto: Christ our Peace.

Our Hero and Model: Archbishop James Patterson Lyke, O.F.M.

With the late Archbishop James P. Lyke, we believe that education is the key to the future for our young people. His vision for the education of urban children working toward academic excellence and remembering their heritage is lived out at the school named in his honor.


Franciscan priest, teacher, pastor, first African-American Bishop in Cleveland, Archbishop of Atlanta, and humble servant of God, James Patterson Lyke was passionately committed to the struggles of bringing equal opportunity to all people, especially to his brothers and sisters in the Black community. During his eleven years as an Auxiliary Bishop in Cleveland he worked as a peacemaker, promoting the Catholic values

Mission Statement

In the Spirit of Archbishop James P. Lyke...

Archbishop Lyke School provides a God-centered learning environment in the Catholic tradition built on respect and peace, offering the opportunity for academic excellence and daily spiritual growth, encouraging every child to succeed as a faith-filled disciple now and in the future.

Belief Statement

The administration, faculty, and staff of Archbishop Lyke School believe that Catholic education:

  • provides a God-centered environment that encourages academic and spiritual growth;

  • is rooted in a moral foundation to help students become faith-filled disciples of Christ;

  • teaches respect and Christian values in a safe and peaceful environment;

  • recognizes parents as the primary educators of their children;

  • adheres to high standards of education and discipline;

  • believes all children can learn and helps all children succeed;

  • encourages every child to grow spiritually, academically, physically, morally, intellectually to his/her potential;

  • offers faculty, staff, and students the opportunity to share prayer and faith in a supportive environment.